Our Leadership Team

 Today TVS has 22 full-time and 20 part-time very talented and dedicated employees

Today TVSEMINARY has 22 full-time and 20 part-time talented and dedicated employees who are recording new courses, editing and dubbing courses into new languages, managing and uploading videos to YouTube, writing and translating course materials, as well as tutoring students all around the world.

President Vitaly M.Div, & Ph.D Honorarium 

Vitaly was born in 1967 in the Former Soviet Union. Four of his grandparents were sent to the gulag prisons and some of them died there for their Christian faith.  Vitaly’s father became a Russian Protestant Evangelical leader

during the communist era. During the 1990’s Vitaly served for several years as an ordained pastor in Moscow Bible Church.  In 2003 Vitaly graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from TEDS and continued his teaching ministry in Russia.  In 2006 Vitaly became the president of the TVSEMINARY in Russia and continues to serve as its Executive Director.  Over the years, the college which started as a residential program continued to develop and eventually went completely online as a Seminary, now with over 4600 students and many graduates. Many Christian organizations and schools as well as thousands of people in the former Soviet Union, Eurasia and other countries are now using these courses created by TVSEMINARY. Vitaly loves the Lord and is highly devoted to Christian Education ministry.