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TVSEMINARY Debunks False Claims of Bible Contradictions!

Hello, friends and prayer warriors of TVSEMINARY!

One of the biggest problems in Russia and worldwide among liberal Bible theologians and nonbelievers are false allegations that the Bible contains errors or contradictions.

With this in mind and keeping with our Mission Statement: “Teaching the truth of God’s Word to the most people using the best available teachers and methods,” we have exciting news! TVSEMINARY has nine new video lectures by ALEXANDER MITROFANOV, which disprove the false claims from those that attest that the Bible is full of errors and contradicts itself.

In these videos (in Russian but soon to be translated into English and other languages), Alexander takes these baseless claims of Bible contradictions and confronts them with sound biblical truths and teaching, which leave the viewer with no doubt that these accusations are unfounded.

We placed these videos online (in Russia) and have had great results. For example, I did a video on what many claim to be a biblical error on the subject of “The Mustard Seed.” This video has had around 2000 views in a short time, proving that believers and nonbelievers have a keen interest in these subjects. We will soon have these teachings available on our website. I know you share the same excitement that I feel about these new projects that prove the inerrancy of the Bible and I will continue to update you with our progress of new videos and translations when they reach completion. In other news, I am equally pleased to inform you that we have finished translating over nine hours of the book of Genesis into Korean. We are continuing to move forward in all our translations and projects striving to go "Above and Beyond".

Thanks again for your kind and generous gifts that make all this possible.

In Him,


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