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As never before, we need your help to meet the demands of our growing Seminary. Alina Tereshenko, tells the value of our course, "Christian Ethics".

"The topics of abortions, assisted death, and genetic engineering were the most interesting to me. Assisted death as an “act of mercy” was just a discovery. From the course, I gained an important idea: a person needs to consult a positive thinking doctor who will provide patients with the right information for them to make informed and right decisions; my approach to assisted death should be negative. The lecture and the chapter from the book about genetic engineering were a discovery for me. I had never considered in vitro fertilization to be one of the forms of the judicial murder of embryos.

I do family ministry at our local church. This course inspired me for delivering separate training workshops for married couples, young girls, and women where we would study the topics of the course.

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