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TVSEMINARY produces and distributes seminary level courses in multiple languages to students in many different countries. These courses are offered with the full support of our distance learning education and technical team. Students may log-in and learn at their own pace, and watch courses at times that are convenient to their particular schedule. ​ We want every Christian ministry leader, pastor and believer in Jesus Christ to have a solid foundation from which to lead their flock regardless of their economic situation or location in the world. Christians everywhere have the opportunity to learn from TVSEMINARY Bible courses. We hope and trust that the systematic teaching of the truth of the Gospel will enable each viewer to fulfill the calling of Christ in their lives and impact their home and community for the Lord. We pray that they will be inspired by the Holy Spirit and will draw near to Him through their studies.

Ephesians 3:17-20 ​ That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. ​ 20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.


(March, 2021)

«Systematic Theology: Soteriology» Pavel Severov Voronezh, Russia This student has completed 11 courses so far.

"The material of this course was very helpful especially when I was preparing for the sermon on salvation I delivered for the members of our church. At church, we usually have such doctrinal sermons once a month".

«Epistemology» Maxim Terentyev Kursk, Russia This student has completed 77 courses so far.

"This course reminded me of my youth: when being a university student I defended the truth of the Christian faith. Once again, I realized how important it is to listen to what the other person is saying and only after that to construct the arguments and proof system".

«Christian Ethics» Natalia Baran Lutzk, Ukraine This student has completed 1 course so far.

"I am the person who always studies”. It is great to have an opportunity of getting a good quality education. Nowadays it is rather difficult to find the truth not peppered with a lie. Therefore, we need to stay focused and concentrated while studying. You must admit that it is very tiresome. However, it is quite different in the seminary: I am just sitting and enjoying the “stream of light”. I am thinking the things I learn over and applying them to myself. I ask myself, “Am I doing this and that in the right way?” Such a way of training is more convenient and goes faster. Thank you very much for the purity of the teaching you are keeping to.

«Church Planting» Sergey Eremeev Ulyanovsk, Russia This student has completed 61 courses so far.

"My study at the seminary is very important to me. I am getting great theological education from top teachers of the world! Even such well-known educational institutions as MTS ECB and SPbCU cannot offer education of this level".

«Gospels. Part 2» Elena Glogovskaya Lviv, Ukraine This student has completed 2 courses so far.

"This year I am graduating from the seminary and planning to move to Georgia as a missionary. My study is very important to me because my goal is to share the Gospel in the right and proper way".

«Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible» Nadezhda Melashenko Moscow, Russia This student has completed 53 courses so far.

"From this course, I learnt about different views on inspiration, credibility and inerrancy of the Bible. To tell the truth it makes me sad that among Protestants there are so many liberal believers rejecting inspiration or inerrancy of the Bible. They invent senseless arguments and DISHONOR Christ and His Church… As a Christian magazines editor I feel great responsibility for what I am doing. Nothing can undermine the credibility and inerrancy of the Bible. We need to watch. The knowledge I am gaining from this course will help me reach this goal". .

«Bible Study Methods» Vitalie Mazur Toronto, Canada This student has completed 37 courses so far.

"I was interested in the process of studying a text using an inductive method. Before studying this course, I when preparing for a sermon first picked the topic and after that looked for the verses from the Bible. Now I understand that the first things I need to do is to pick the text and to find its main idea and topic. It will help me find the truth that we can apply to our everyday life. This method opens the Biblical truth and defines the author’s thought more correctly".

«Christian Ethics» Alina Tereshenko Kiev, Ukraine This student has completed 1 course so far.

"The topics of abortions, assisted death and genetic engineering were the most interesting to me". Assisted death as an “act of mercy” was just a discovery. From the course, I gained an important idea: a person needs to consult a positive thinking doctor who will provide patients with the right information for them to make informed and right decisions; my approach to assisted death should be negative. The lecture and the chapter from the book about genetic engineering were a discovery for me. I had never considered in vitro fertilization to be one of the forms of judicial murder of embryos.

"I do family ministry at our local church. This course inspired me for delivering separate training workshops for married couples, young girls and women where we would study the topics of the course".

«Marriage and Family. Home Climate» Lyudmila Marfin Settlement of Meliorativnoye, Ukraine This student has completed 22 courses so far.

"Josh McDowell’s book about the importance of communication between spouses was very useful, easy to read and comprehensible. The author openly shared about different situations in a family that could bring to misunderstanding and showed how to solve such problems giving examples from his life".

The simplicity of the narration motivated me to make notes of what I was reading. The author called listening and hearing skills the main aspects of communication. I had never thought that empathy meant not only to support a person, but also to maintain support. It was a discovery for me. I had to humbly agree with many ideas of the book…

«Cross-Cultural Communication» Alexander Petrov Kirovsk, Russia This student has completed 2 courses so far.

An advantage of academic training is a broad scope of learning. An academic education usually encompasses a broad range of siloed information and presents it as a well-ordered structure or a balanced scheme illustrated with examples from the teacher’s personal experiences.

I clearly realized that the most important thing in ministering to people was to listen to them attentively and patiently to be able to understand their inner world, their needs and desires, their language and ways of communicating ideas and emotions. Otherwise, I would ”be useful” the way I was not expected to thus getting negative reaction instead of gratitude. Moreover, that way I would serve not to God and people but to my ambitions only. Not to do it this way is the most important thing for me.

I got more interested in my brothers’ and sisters’ in Christ lives, problems and achievements even when they did not talk about it. I learnt to build more trust-based relationships with people.

This course contains a valuable lesson that is the most important for me. It is not to rush to value judgement about a person or their behavior before getting unbiased information and finding out what intentions they had, under what circumstances it happened and how they saw the situation with their own eyes!

«Academic Literacy» Pavel Novodranov Novocherkassk, Russia This student has completed 5 courses so far.

"I am an Orthodox priest and serve at church. Beside my liturgical ministry, I also do spiritual counselling. I am the head and one of the teachers of our Sunday school for adults. This course was very helpful in structuring my self-education and in my pedagogical skills development".

«Cross-Cultural Communication» Natalia Polishuk Petropavlovsk, Qazaqstan This student has completed 5 courses so far.

"Thank you for the job you are doing. I am very grateful to God for being a student of your seminary. To tell the truth it was not easy for me to start my studies. Maybe because the teacher and the students were speaking English. Nevertheless, the learning material was very important; it was interesting for me not only to listen to it, but also to apply my learning to real-life situations. I found out that I have western point of view on marriage and family and my husband’s point of view is eastern. Thus, we have different approaches to resolving conflict situations. Thanks to these seminars, I realized that I had made many mistakes. I can easily own that I am wrong and ask for forgiveness. However, when I want others to own that they are wrong I am also too direct. It is hard for my husband. I thought that being not open and self-critical was his weakness. In my prayers, I ask God for wisdom and ask Him to teach me to treat my husband in the right way".

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