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A.N.B.S. adds TVSEMINARY Courses

Dr. Mark Hill is the current Pastor of a local church in Atlanta, TX. His passion for teaching and leading Champions Bible Church’s local body to be purposeful in evangelizing the world. He is the CEO of a global missions organization, Christ Centered Missions. His degrees include a Bachelors from the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, a Masters from East Texas State University, and a Doctorate from All Nations Bible Seminary. He is also a veteran of the USAF and has served churches all over East Texas as a Youth Minister, Sunday School Teacher, Missions Pastor, Administrative Pastor, Elder, and Executive Pastor.

All Nations Bible Seminary has added 13 new TVSEMINARY English courses to their Master’s program. We recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Mark Hill, President of A.N.B.S., to have him answer a few questions about that decision and to tell our blog guests about some of the other Ministries that he oversees.

Moderator: Dr. Hill, in your bio it mentions that you are the CEO of Christ Centered Missions. Could you take a moment to expand our knowledge and tell our blog guests what is the mission of CCM and what you are doing to fulfill that mission.

Dr. Hill: Our mission is to provide for the many and various needs of missionaries and pastors around the world. These needs include financial missionary support, training, strategic guidance, and special requests such as sports ministry equipment, Bibles, tracts, Bible study literature, church building supplies, etc. It is our desire to participate with other Christian ministries to further allow the Body of Christ to work as a unit instead of segmented groups.

Our world ministry makeup includes:

a) All Nations Bible Seminary which is a tuition free seminary that awards a diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and Doctoral Degree. The seminary provides long distance learning through digital means. Our site is automatically translated into the language of the student. All our programs are tuition free.

b) Missionaries asked if we would provide an association for their churches, para-church ministries, and businesses to join. We provide them the Conservative Bible Association which believes in conserving the Bible and guarding against man's traditions.

c) To help raise funds for the mission projects we use our as a donor advised fund where donations can be collected and passed to the missionaries, pastors, and their projects. They submit to our mission campaigns to post on the site for ongoing as well as special needs.

d) By far, our largest outreach ministry is our trademarked sports and team ministry called Christ Centered Champions. Missionaries have found that by using these ministry tools that they can win souls and plant churches much faster than any other evangelical tool they have tried. CCC can be used in areas where Christianity is not accepted and has become an effective tool for winning both youth and adults from other religions.

e) Rounding out our ministries is our Christ Centered Prayer website. We gather prayer requests from all over the world and the missionaries are able to translate them into their languages and pray for each other.

Moderator: Dr. Hill, I noticed in your bio that it listed many of the ministries you personally oversee. However, it did not include that you are the current President of All Nations Bible Seminary. ANBS is only available to on-line students. What made you choose Distance Education over the in-classroom studies.

Dr. Hill: God has assigned the seminary to be our educational ministry tool. Our assignment is to provide Scriptural instruction that is practical for equipping the called to fulfill their God-given assignment. We agree with the statement “knowledge is information, but wisdom is what you do with that information”. This means that our goal is to impart practical information to our students while teaching them to be God-seekers so that He may impart His revelation and wisdom into their lives. Additionally, our assignment is to fill the unmet need of providing a seminary education to those who have no resources to contribute. There are plenty of other successful Christ-Centered seminaries and we support and applaud them. But, our assignment was to create a local and distance learning seminary available to those who have no ability to contribute financially. Through obedience and love for our Lord, and with a cheerful heart, we offer this seminary so they can become better prepared to fulfill the calling in their lives and reach the world for Him.

There are plenty of good seminaries that can provide in-classroom studies. The missionaries requested that we design a seminary that would allow them distance learning at no cost. The missionaries and pastors we serve do not have the ability to get visas to travel to other countries to study nor do they have the funds to pay for an education. We did not choose its educational design; it was assigned to us from God. We realize that we were needed for this select group of men and women around the world and we do not compete with any other seminaries providing their own much needed educational services.

Moderator: Dr. Hill, ANBS currently offers TVSEMINARYS English courses in their Master's degree programs. Can you tell our blog guests why you believe TVSEMINARY to be a trusted source on Biblical Theology?

Dr. Hill: I have had the opportunity to work directly with TVSEMINARY’S Pastors and missionaries for over 25 years now. I have traveled to their headquarters and mission points and met with many of them and reviewed their ministries. From the very beginning, they had an intense burden to educate, support, and encourage their missionaries and pastors who were wanting to impact the world, not just their country. We joined with them to help meet their needs over the years and stand proudly beside TVSEMINARY as it is a tremendous catalyst for education and training worldwide.

Moderator: Dr. Hill, will you tell our blog guests why you chose to be a partner with TVSEMINARY.

Dr. Hill: I have personally monitored their doctrinal tenets and determined that they are one of the most solid seminaries we have in the world that conserves true Bible doctrine. They maintain one of the most trusted and recognizable rosters of Bible teachers I have ever seen. The professors complement each other very well in providing a wide range of expertise in their respected areas. TVSEMINARY is one organization that I have chosen to walk beside because I don't have to worry about what type of education our missionaries and pastors will receive.

Moderator: Dr. Hill, Again, let me thank you for taking the time for this brief interview. Please, take this opportunity to tell our blog guests any closing comments you would like to say.

Dr. Hill: As the world rapidly moves toward the End Times, our world economies are becoming more and more difficult to find funds that we can assist missionaries and pastors with. From the mission field, it is a common remark to hear them saying "we have no resources to do anything". Because of this, it is obvious to see that God has assigned TVSEMINARY to be a much-needed offering to meet their education needs. Without TVSEMINARY and their burden to reach the world, I'm afraid the end times we live in would be missing a great opportunity to receive a quality Biblical education that our ministers could afford.

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