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Four reasons the Chinese need
TVSEMINARY Bible courses.




Emerging new leaders are not prepared


Foundations of Evangelism

We have an unprecedented opportunity to reach Chinese-speaking Christian leaders who oversee millions of believers. We must use this opportunity prayerfully, wisely, and effectively. The Church in China needs more biblically trained pastors and lay leaders, family ministries, and children and youth outreach programs now more than ever.



 Chinese Christians remain a persecuted minority



Although nearly 100 million Christians live in China, this number comprises only about 8 percent of the total population, which hovers

at 1.4 billion people. China is still mostly unreached by God’s Word.



David Gustafson

Biblical Theology and

Wayne Johnson.         

Foundations of
Christian Missions

Craig Ott                      

Church Planting

Craig Ott                      


Theology Series
10 Courses     

John Feinberg

Rural Christians in China can’t afford Bibles or

quality Biblical education




Despite significant poverty reduction advances, nearly 128 million
Chinese people exist on less than $1.80 a day. Seventy percent of Chinese Christians live in rural areas where poverty is much

more prevalent, and these rural Christians don’t have access to resource distribution sites. The cost of Bibles or Bible courses is still prohibitive for them. Quality biblical teaching courses are almost non-existent to these people.




New believers need discipleship



The Church in China continues to grow at near-exponential rates, and there are not enough Bibles or quality Biblical studies to meet the demand. On average, there are 400,000 registered newly baptized believers who join the Church each year and have done so for the past five years. However, the scores of people who join the unregistered Church are unknown.





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Peggy Valentine
TVS Giving Coordinator

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